Getting Your House Ready to Sell

Thinking of selling?

Here is our checklist to get ready.
Click the links to go to the Sweetspot Blog for more details.
They have a great series about getting your home ready to sell.  

1)  Finish projects and make repairs.
     Be objective as you walk through your house and make a list.
     How to Sell Your House Fast: Projects and Repairs. (click link)


     A) Paint rooms, ceilings, trim, cabinetry that need it.  Tackle spots that need touching up.

      B) Any projects that were started but never finished need to be completed.  Buyers will   
          want to see that the house has been well maintained.  Lights that don't work, doors 
          that don't shut - those are issues the potential buyer doesn't want to tackle either.

2)  Declutter
       How to Sell Your House Fast: Declutter and Staging (click link)
     A) When buyers tour your home they want it to feel organized, airy, comfortable - a place
          they can visualize themselves in.

     B)  If your home feels cluttered, it will turn buyers off.  Maybe you have outgrown your
           house, but you don't want potential buyers to feel it's too small for them as well.

     C)  Keep all counter tops as clear as possible.  Kitchen and bathrooms.
Generally there is a rule of 3 - no more than 3 items on your counters.  If it's
          impossible to whittle it down, then try to group items.  Use a decorative tray to corral 
          utensils, seasonings, oils, etc.
          Try to have as few appliances out as possible, maybe just a coffeemaker.  


          In the bath, take personal items off the vanity top. Just have hand soap out.  Other
          daily-use items can be put in an inexpensive basket and stored under the sink or in
          the linen closet during this time.  Buyers don't need to  see toothbrushes, hairbrushes
          or more personal items on the bathroom vanity.

     D) Closets, cabinets, storage rooms will be opened by buyers.  They will be interested to 
          see what space is available for their belongings and how they can best make use of it.
          Now is the time to tidy it up.

3) Clean!  Give the inside and outside a serious cleaning, plus loving attention.
     How to Sell Your House Fast: Deep Clean Outside. (click link)

    A) Make an extra effort to remove cobwebs, dirt and leaves from your front entrance.
          First impressions are important.  As you ready your house, imagine you're going to
          be having important guests over, ones you would make an extra effort for. Power wash
         the exterior, clean the windows, make sure all lights work and replace broken bulbs.  
         Staging is worth the time and money - invest in a new welcome mat and put a wreath
          on the front door.  Small details show you care about your home.
          Shrubs and bushes should be kept trimmed and tidy, weeds need to be pulled, keep

          plants watered during the warm months.

      B) Cleaning inside - this is so very critical.  Please check here for an important check list.

           A clean home is vital to getting your home sold quickly and for the most money.
          How to Sell Your House Fast: Deep Clean Inside. (click link)

          To truly prepare your home, here's the next step.
          No buyer has ever said a house is TOO clean!
          How to Sell Your House Fast: White Glove Clean. (click link)


4) Preparing for Showings.

     Once your house is clean be sure to keep it that way and ready for showings, which can
     often be at short notice.  There are still a few last-minute things you'll need to do before a

     showing.  Make sure medicines, jewelry, money (credit cards, checkbooks, cash) are
     removed or locked away.
     How to Sell Your House Fast: Showings (click link)



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