Thursday, July 21, 2022

New Listing - 1640 Hunters Creek Way, Marion

Linn-Mar Condo Near Hunter's Ridge Golf Course
1640 Hunters Creek Way

This 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath home checks all the boxes:
Great location
Quiet, friendly neighborhood
Close to schools
No neighbors behind the home - just trees

Take a "tour" below to have a look inside and for more details.

Make this your new home knowing some big-ticket items have already been taken care of.
Improvements include new siding in 2022 and roof in 2021.
There's also a radon mitigation system installed, too - so no worries there!

The best of both worlds - with a condo, the lawn and snow care are handled,
and with this unit, you also have the benefit of green space and privacy with no neighbors behind.
Newly installed flooring in the living room and kitchen/dining area.
You'll love the open, bright floor plan.

Plenty of counter space for cooking and meal prep, plus everyone loves a breakfast bar
for convenience and as a casual gathering spot.

The sellers added more pantry space to the kitchen as well and a new dishwasher.
Handy workspace for homework or a spot to organize chargers, etc.

No neighbors to the back - just a quiet, park-like view.
Main floor powder room
The laundry room is on the main floor with shelving to stay organized.
Upstairs hallway.
There are 3 bedrooms, all upstairs on the 2nd floor. The 2 secondary bedrooms
look to the back and the green space.
The bedrooms have shades as well as room-darkening blinds.

Main bathroom.
Master bedroom with walk-in closet and en suite bath.
Notice the ledge above - it has accent lighting.
Master bathroom
While the lower level isn't finished, it provides the extra space you want -
for a family Rec room space, workout area or toy room.
It's stubbed in for a future bathroom.

And there's still plenty of storage space!
There's a radon mitigation system already in place, and previous owners
indicated that they put in cat 5 wiring. Interested buyers will want to verify.
The furnace has a whole-house humidifier, too.

Enjoy all the benefits of this great home and the quiet, too!

Want to set up a showing?

Call Judy at 319.551.3170

Thanks for having a look!


Saturday, April 16, 2022

Easter Wishes & Second Chances

 Happy Easter!

The older I get, the more Easter means to me.
As a pretty committed Church-goer, I always knew Easter was important. It's obvious.
Maybe I was going through the motions more than being really moved though.

Sadly, it was the death of my Dad that gave me a different insight about Easter.
Each year as the anniversary of my Dad's death nears, I remember the days with him leading up to that.
He'd had a scheduled surgery on May 1st of 2009 and long story short, things went terribly wrong 
and he died on May 6.
When the end of April nears, I can't help but think about those days and events.
  Time has helped ease the hurt, but it's still emotional.

After his death, I more fully understood the significance of the celebration of Holy Week and Easter - it became more personal and more REAL, not something remote and apart from me.

I recognized what that felt like in an intimate way, how remembering every year is a way of memorializing my Dad and the sadness at losing him, what he went through, what we all went through.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  
Our own cross. 

My daughters and I went to a really beautiful Easter vigil Mass tonight.
Candles, a choir, incense - the Church rituals I'm so accustomed to.
But I'm always struck by the horror of crucifixion, no matter how old I am or the number of  times I've been alive to celebrate Easter. It's difficult and painful to fathom.

Even more, the idea that Jesus and those condemned to die had to carry that cross - THEIR cross, where they knew well there would be nothing but agony and a torturous death.  They had no choice.

Yet Jesus did that. 
For us.
For renewal, for second chances.
I think of all the ways I've messed up, my failings, ways I've hurt others and continue to do so.
Maybe those are our "crosses" we're burdened with and we'll carry to the end.

I'm hopeful we all have second chances, though. Here and now.
A chance at new beginnings, to be better. 
A chance to be who we aspire to be.

Wishing you a blessed and peaceful Easter.
May we not only receive second chances, but willingly offer them to others, too.

~ Judy

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Old Homes . . . How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways

 Why Love Old Homes?

My love for old houses was sparked from my Grandma's home.
Her house was small, humble, and cozy.
Perhaps it's the constancy, the sense that it was hers and in
my mind that she and it would always be there.
That sense of timelessness is part of old-house charm,
especially when they haven't been updated so that they're unrecognizable.
I was blessed that the Grandparents I knew during my lifetime
all lived into their 90s and their homes seemed integral to who they were.

Glass knobs and detailed door plates (also called back plates)
a signature 
hallmark old-house lovers clamor for.

While laundry chutes are sometimes small and seem inconsequential,
they're a unique and wonderful throwback to the past.
Sloped ceilings may mean smaller rooms, but there's instant character.
In our previous 1940's home we put a latch on our laundry chute to keep
kids and pets from getting adventurous - and injured.

I hope to do a small kitchen "refresh" in the near future to my old home.
It's lacking much in the way of the quaint old-house detailing I love, but
a high-back sink will do miracles in giving it back personality.

Gothic Revival is a favorite. 
Likely that has to do with their rarity in our area.

My Grandma's house had a stairwell that reminds me of these.
It was so intriguing to me as a child, like the homes I read about in storybooks.

There are many articles and tips for having the correct size of
shutters for your home.  To truly keep the old home feel though,
they can't be the skinny faux shutters.  There was a purpose
to them, and to fulfill that purpose, the shutters need to be large enough to
cover the window when necessary, such as during storms.

Even if the shutters aren't truly functional, maintaining that 
appearance makes all the difference in curb appeal.
Adding "shutter dogs" - the metal fittings that would hold the
shutters open and against the house, keeps the authentic feel.
Check out this link - The Old House Guy knows all about shutters!

Old homes aren't for everyone.
When I find a kindred spirit that is looking to buy an old one,
it's my favorite though.  I love seeing a glimpse into
the past through another home.