Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Favorite Features of Our Homes

Every home you live in has special features that are recalled fondly.  Perhaps there was a great backyard to play in as a kid, a window seat you claimed as your own, a kitchen that was full of sunshine.

Even homes that weren't ours make a strong imprint upon us.  I think of my Grandma's quaint, old home and her detached garage that had a beautiful lilac growing alongside it.  Carpeting the space between the lilac and the side of the garage was crabgrass.  As a little girl I liked to hide there in the spring and summer like it was my own secret bower.  Whenever I smell lilacs or walk through crabgrass and notice that unmistakable scent, I think of her and her home.

There are so many homes that have made an impression on me, but never for their grandeur or size. The ones that always come to mind are those that were comfortable, well-lived in.  They would never be featured in House Beautiful, but had a sense of coziness and welcome that is authentic.

In my childhood home, where my Mom still lives and where I'm lucky to spend a lot of time, there is something unique.  There is a hydrangea tree outside the bathroom window.  In that tree, birds nest throughout the spring and summer.  Currently there is a mourning dove roosting on her nest.  After those babies mature and fly away, it will later become the home of a robin.  It's quite a lovely thing, to be able to look out the window and watch as eggs appear, as they hatch, as the babies are fed and grow, and ultimately leave.  It's one of the many great things about "home."

This picture was taken 2 weeks ago.  

What special things do you remember about your homes?

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