Thursday, September 29, 2016

Wood floors - to Paint or Not to Paint, That is the Question

Painting Hardwood Floors.

Would you?  Could you?  Should you?

I love hardwood floors and have them in about a third of my house.  
That is a picture of my living room floor, above.
They're not in very good shape though.  
My plan has always been to have them repaired and refinished someday.  

Instead of the oak finish, I've imagined them stained a darker walnut color, 
a look I love, like this picture below.
But then I saw a picture in House Beautiful and my brain froze.  I LOVED the look.

Another House Beautiful example.

And this!  Perhaps it's the color that has me swooning - apparently I'm into turquoise in a big way.  But this has it all for a kid's room - the adorable painted ants, 
the owl wallpaper and that ceiling!  

The Realtor in me is being cautious, telling me not to do it.
  The ready-for-a-change self is saying to go for it!

Would you paint your hardwood floors?

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