Wednesday, September 14, 2016

What "Home" Means . . .

When "Home" is much more than a house.

If the picture appears distorted, there's a reason.  
The house you see is etched on the back of a gravestone.
I see it frequently, it's very near my grandparents' stone;  I'm so touched by it.

While I'm only acquainted with one of the grown children that had this stone made in honor of their parents,  I think  the idea to put their family home on the stone is telling.

What do you see?

The emotional ties and memories of home are real; 
may they be as happy and long-lasting for us all.
* * * * * *
Because I'm from this area originally, I'd feel remiss if I 
didn't include a small portion of the obituary for their mother:

“Although a lot has changed during Mary’s 102 years of life, three things remained constant: 
her habit of hard work, her love of family, and her dedication to her Catholic faith.  
She will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved her.”

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