Thursday, February 25, 2016

Painted Countertops - A Must Do or Oh No!

Would you try painting your countertops?

If your dream countertops aren't in the budget right
this might be a good option to get you by.

Here's my favorite update, from Little Farmstead;
it's simple and classic.

Dark green laminate

Clean, subtle white

Julie explains the steps for painting laminate when
she painted the buffet in her dining room.

Basic steps:
Clean the laminate well
(she used latex paint)
(she recommends Peel Stop Clear Binding Sealer by Zinsser, which doesn't yellow like polyurethane)

You can also buy a countertop kit (such as Rust-Oleum) which is meant to replicate the look of granite.  Kits vary in size and price depending on your kitchen.  They have a strong, epoxy-finish top coat which they indicate is stain and water resistant.
via Home Depot - $148.00/qt.

Here is a before and after paint transformation using the RUST-OLEUM Countertop  kit from the blog Project Goble.


The DIY home-owners raved about the countertop transformation:"Did we mention how much we LOVE our countertops?!? It was totally worth the time, mess, and effort we put into transforming them."
~ Allison Goble from Project Goble

Would you try painting your counters?

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