Thursday, January 28, 2016

Before and After Inspiration: An updated side entry

What an Improvement!

I love seeing a good "before and after" project.

Over at Cozy.Cottage.Cute you'll see how a side entry went from sad and boring to perfect!

Sarah (from Canada) shows how the basics of sanding, primer, and paint 
made an immediate difference.  See below.
Step 1.

Definitely better already!
And now, Step 2.

Three updates made all the difference.
1) A new door and hardware (I think I need that door on my house!)
That's not exactly a simple fix, for most of us, but has major impact.
3) A light fixture that has the perfect look

And now . . . Step 3.

The addition of house numbers and seasonal decor makes this inviting and stylish.

You know she smiles every time she uses the side entry now!
What a great improvement.

Check out her blog post for sources listed at the bottom.

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