Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Some day your dream home will come on the market. Remember to do this so it becomes yours.

Some day the perfect house, the one you've dreamed of,
will be for sale.

Heck, while we're dreaming  . . .

You want the house.  Desperately.
It needs to be YOUR house.

Before you write an offer, remember
to do this . . .

Write a letter to the sellers to include with the purchase contract.

This is powerful, and it may help you overcome the hurdles that stand between you and this home.

Tell them why you love their home, assure them you'll take care of it,
and explain a little about yourself.

Jen, from Migonis Home, describes this so perfectly that there's no need to reinvent it. 
Here is the blog post from her site:


Letter to Overledge owners 1
If you’ve read our home tour you know that we wrote a letter to the prior owner of our current house telling her how much we loved her home and location. We offered $45,000 below asking and we told her we were offering the absolute max we could afford but we just couldn’t get the home out of our minds. She accepted our offer and told us she couldn’t knock the price down no matter what was found during the inspection. You can read the full letter on our Home Tour page.
This time around we did it nearly the same way but put a little bit more of who we were, and who are kids are, into the letter. If you have ever moved from a place that you’ve loved and called home I’m sure you can appreciate getting a letter from a potential buyer. They become more than numbers and text on an offer form and actual humans. The sellers of the home we are purchasing (in less than a week!) really liked our letter and felt like we would be a great fit for their home.
Below is the letter we wrote. The style, and content example, of it is the guide I use when encouraging real estate clients to write a letter to the owners of their dream home:
Thank you so much for considering our offer. We were at the point of brainstorming an addition when AJ found the listing for your home. We have been to two showings and have fallen more in love with your home each time we are there. We were saying this morning how simply being at your home makes us happy. You have kept it up beautifully and there are countless details we adore about it.
For the past five years we’ve been renovating our Cape on ABC Street (off of XYZ Street). AJ has taught seventh grade history at Manchester-Essex Middle School and coached the cross-country team for over a decade. Jen is a stay-at-home mom who has turned her design blog and love of refinishing furniture into a business. We attend church and our son goes to preschool in Magnolia and we have rental properties in Gloucester. In short, our life is built right around your home’s location.
As our children, Drew (4) and Elle (2), get bigger we’ve developed the real desire and need for more space. One of Jen’s dreams for our next house is a space where we can comfortably entertain. We see your home as a place that we can host dinners and parties with friends and family while still giving us space for the kids to run around and play.
We would be honored if you would accept our offer. Your home would be perfect for us and we would love to continue to raise our family here.
Thank you so much for your consideration and best wishes on your next step-
AJ and Jen
Blog post letter
Now that we are on the other side of it as well (the buyers of our current home wrote us a letter) we can see how much it puts the seller at ease to know the buyers. Because the sellers of our “new” home have been more than gracious to us by telling other buyers to wait until our “kick-out clause” was over (read about thatHERE), and because they left us a lot of furniture, we decided to follow up with a note and flowers to be given to them today when the list agent meets with them. We will never get to meet them but we wanted them to know how grateful we were for their generosity. They have been the only owners of this home and we want them to know their home is in good hands.
Have you ever written a letter to the owner of a home you wanted to purchase? Or have you had such a good experience with the sellers that you’ve followed up with a note or little gift at the closing?

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