Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Another Storybook Cottage in Cedar Rapids

Perfect Brick Tudor in NE Cedar Rapids*

It may not have the typical rounded door I swoon over, but there are 
few house styles as captivating as a Tudor.

For more information about the "Tudor" style visit 
What's That House? A Guide to Tudor Homes

Unfortunately the cost to replace these original doors, if they aren't maintained, is very expensive.  I've seen rounded and arched doors yanked out of character homes and 
replaced with basic doors.  Sadly, the homes lose their special appeal.

Prices seem to start at $1200, from my quick investigating,  but most were in the $2000 range (and up, depending on wood species) - for just the door.  
They're definitely an investment and a commitment to maintaining 
the character and history of the house.

But maybe that's why old-house lovers appreciate them; they're a rarity and they are special.

* This home is not listed for sale on the Cedar Rapids MLS.

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