Thursday, May 21, 2015

Quick, Inexpensive Garage Door Update!

A client and I were talking about how nice Carriage-style garage doors look.  But they are expensive! I mentioned that I've seen magnetic garage door hardware, which would help create that look, but haven't tried them yet myself.  If you're thinking about a quick, inexpensive update check these out!

The pictures above are taken from a blog called Bliss Images and show the before and after pictures from her house.  She used traditional hardware, available online and at local stores such as Home Depot (below) for $18.98.

The great thing about the magnetic version is that there would be no drilling into your metal doors, and if you end up not liking them, they just peel off. This is a good thing for people like me who don't like to measure.  No worries about filling my garage door with drill holes!  I'm ordering some myself and I'll let you know how it goes.

Here are a couple of magnetic options:

Household Essentials Hinge It Decorative Accents set (above) is $19.63 on Amazon, but is temporarily out of stock.  The same set is offered at Bed Bath & Beyond for $19.99 and is also out of stock online.  Hopefully they're available soon.

This Magnetic Garage Door Set (above) is $39.98 from  It shows they are in stock now.

This site, My Magnet Site, (above) has the most options available I could find - magnetic house numbers, different lengths of hinges, faux nail heads, a magnetic dividing line strip (to look like an old fashioned swing-out style door as pictured above right).  They even have a faux Carriage House keyhole!  Love!  Unfortunately they don't have many photos on their site to show their products.

I'm looking forward to an inexpensive update of my basic white garage door!


  1. Those additions definitely make those garage doors stand out from the rest. My grandparents' house could use something like that. Maybe I could convince them to let this be my new project! Basic white garage doors don't have to be boring, there's actually a lot of different things you can do to spruce them up.

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